Friday, April 16, 2010

Elk Lake 100 May 1, 2010

After months and weeks of debate, I finally registered myself to race Elk Lake Ultra.
This is the First year I have started to feel that I am slowing down a bit. Recoveries are taking longer. But I have been working on running smarter, slower and more consistent, like energizer bunny :).
I do feel stronger, fitter with higher stamina than before but not faster. I have only been able to maintain a good pace for an hour or so.
Is the Aging catching up to me, quite frankly I don’t think so nor do I really want to believe so? Am I in denial at least I like to be, the truth is I am slower.
I am not giving up and still looking forward and determined to perform a better result. I like to improve my time for the national qualifier. I have a difficult and hard earning goal ahead of me. I believe the better result is achievable through a better strategy and smarter running and hopefully I could execute that.
Elk Lake is going to be a good show, and if I could catch up to Ellie Greenwood then I will be in a good shape.

Happy running

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