Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good to be back running

2010 so far has started to be a good running year for me. I started off the first day of the year running Fat Ass 50K and finishing 2nd in the race. I was surprised with the run considering longest continuous run 8 miles and 14 with 30 min break after 8 miles of run. I am now running 4 to 5 days a week each day 8 miles and sometimes twice a day. Last week ran 48 miles, 4X 8 miles and one 2X 8miles

This week so far I have run 48 miles, 3X 8 and 2X 16. I am hoping to run another 24 in the next 3 days to a make 72. This is exciting news, first week I am going to run over 52 miles since Sep 19, 2009.
I have also been a bit lazy and busy writing, endorphins rush is kicking in, woohoooooo.

Happy training and keep on smiling!

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