Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tapper time

Next Saturday I will be racing the Elk Lake 100K and I am excited and nervous. Obviously nervousness comes from the expectation that I set for myself. I also haven’t run early AM runs for a long time. Hopefully in the last week I may be able to do a couple to get over the hump.This is my second time racing Elk Lake and the goal is to improve my last year’s time.It is the tapper time; I am lazy and sluggish; already gained a few pounds. I hope I could use them for fuel on the race day. I am not a big fan of tapper but with 2 days break last Saturday and Sunday my body was responding well even though start of the run on Monday wasn't much fun. Heavier legs at the beginning but slowly fell into the groove. I have been working on my paces and have been trying to find a speed that I could keep for the entire race. I feel it is all in my head and just need to utilize the Power of mind over the matter.It is time to start preparing the gears and nutrition lists. Shoes, arm warmers, socks, compression socks, Sports Shield, Hat, singlets, Coke, Salt pills, Gels, and handhelds.It is Time to head out to North Shore Athletics, the best Running pit stop in town!

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Heather said...

Good Luck on your run!