Monday, October 12, 2009

“The chosen one”

“The chosen one” Coaching 8 year old girl’s soccer team:
A few weeks ago found out that my daughter’s soccer coach was no longer able to attend their practices because of timing conflict. Before leaving to Keswick, England and knowing I wasn’t going to be serious about my training with injuries I offered my assistance if the team needed my help. I can’t believe I have been so long away from the game of soccer. Being so passionate about the game, enjoy and loving to pass on my knowledge I offered to work with the children. I am now the “chosen one”. Everytime I come across the words I just laugh. There is a comedy martial art movie called "Kung Pow" and the theme of the movie is about a "chosen one" that fights and defeat the bad guys. The sound is funny(dubbed), also the funniest part of movie is when "chosen one" fights the cow before meeting the Nemesis.
I got an e-mail 2 weeks that the team administrative personal have “chosen one” to coach.
As soon as I read the words I just kept laughing over and over. I have a challenging task ahead of me. Never coached kids at this age. Time to learn the 8th year old kid’s psychology and put it to work during practices and games.
Thanks to the Ultra running training, I am not afraid of taking on challenges in fact I look forward to them. I hope the kids enjoy and have fun. My past experience coupled with the relationship I have built with my ex-players throughout the years definitely a great motivation to me. Time to learn and preach, If I can coach 8th year old kids I should make a good personal trainer. Thanks Kids!!!!

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