Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week or March 16th training.

Congratulations to Elli Greenwood and Aaron Heidt for winning Chuckanut 50K in Washington State !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the first time in nearly 14 months I ran a training week of 90 miles.
I am feeling a lot better than week ago when I completed more than 70 miles.
2 days I had to run twice to make the mileage.
Week March 16th log
Monday Off
Tuesday 15 miles, 8 and 7
Wednesday 20 miles, 8 and 12
Thursday 10 miles
Friday Off
Saturday 4hr and 30’ plus 2 miles at the track 7’ pace
Sunday 16 miles
My body held up pretty good for the long runs on Saturday and Sunday while running descent pace. I was pretty excited about that.
Both days I tried to run as much as hill as possible. Saturday run was pretty hilly.
I was fortunate that Kerry Ward could join me for the entire Saturday run and Eric Vaagen part of the course. I ran from home, Kerry and Eric ran from their home as well and we met at the Bridgman Park just close to second narrow bridge and then we headed off toward deep cove in the trails part of Dirty Duo and BP.
It was a bit chilly morning but beautiful and dry after 5 days of straight rain. Trails were muddier and streams along the route were surly raging, I could feel their power. I love hearing the sound of stream not to mention loud. 2 weeks ago majority of the trail were covered with snow but this time we had to look for snow. I forgot the camera again (: We stop for a quick view of deep Cove on the way back home. What a fantastic view except we had no choice to also look at the power line crossing the inlet to Port Moody which shape an Arial bridge over the water. We also ran in to some North Vancouver fire fighters at the trail, they must have noticed we were smoking. It wasn’t me for sure it must have been Kerry wearing Maurice Green the American sprinter’s shoe.
About 4h and 23’ into the run Kerry and I split to our final destination home. I was looking forward for running more hills on the way back home from bottom of the Keith Road to Loutett Park and along Sutherland Secondary. Once again I wanted to test if I had anything left in my tank and went on track and did 2 miles at 7’ pace and was great. Sure I felt more tired than last week but I was still happy. After run I did a quick stretch and took cold bath just cranked the cold water and sat in the tub for 15’, Brrrrrrrrr but felt great after.
I was definitely looking forward to our Sunday run, 15 miles. The run was from NSA to Edgemont Village then to see wall and back to store. Beautiful route, Fantastic view, happy people, calm water and very good pace I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t feel tired at all; I definitely had more energy than any other long or back to back runs.
So I ended up playing 1h 30’ good pace Tennis in the afternoon which I haven’t played since July 2008.

My Nutrition for the long runs:
For Sunday run, Carbo-Pro powders mixed with accelerate in 1.5 Liter camel back, 6 Termolyte pills and Banana. Saturday run just had Carbo-Pro mix with accelerate. That ended the journey of 90 miles week and I am still smiling and pleased with my runs.

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