Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taper for Elk Lake 100

Taper and getting ready for race:

In the past taper was hard for me to digest. If a day or 2 went by without running my legs were very sluggish and heavy. This time around I am really enjoying it. My body feels good, the intensity of my training has been in good level and I have been spending more time stretching. Oh most importantly I am spending more time with my family which is blessing. I couldn’t have imagined that many pros of tapering. It surely in the must do list now!!
It is hard to believe and imagine from 100miles week just two weeks ago switching to 33 miles last week and 28 miles this week but I know my body is appreciating it.
I am excited about my race, I am not nervous or stressed out at all or should I say it hasn’t kicked in yet :).
I am really looking forward to Saturday race and also meeting a few Friends that I haven’t seen for a while.
Elk Lake here I come with big smile so is your turn to smile with opens arms.

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