Monday, March 16, 2009

Week or March 9th training

For the first time in nearly 8 months I ran a training week just over 70 miles.
I am feeling great with a bit of ache which is given if you consider running ultra and trying to do your best.
My week March 9th log
Monday 3 miles
Tuesday 6 miles
Wednesday 8.2 miles
Thursday 7.5 miles
Friday 7.0 miles
Saturday 20 miles
Sunday 20 miles
My body held up better than what I was expecting with 2 long runs on Saturday and Sunday and I ran a decent pace.
I also I started peaking on the hills and didn’t hold back.
With Dirty Duo run I found out my breathing is not good and my conditioning not hopeful for the race that I like to do well and I know Hills will carry me over the hump.
Saturday I ran from home to Jaycee House and completed part of the Dirty Duo course to Bridal path. Some area’s in the trail I had to watch for my footing as snow had turned into ice with the rain falls and the sun throughout the week.
While running in the trail I ran into Heather MacDonald and the volunteers maintaining the trails. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart, their work is greatly appreciated.
After 3 hrs in the trail as I was getting closer to home I wanted to see if there still some left in the tank for a mile run around the track and I managed to do 6’ 55” mile while still smiling, so that was fun. When I got home took a quick shower then made coffee, brunch that I haven’t had for quite sometimes. Since I was going to have 2 back to back 20 miles I figured I had to deserve the Bacon and egg. Heat up the pan, through the bacon on and as bacon became a bit crispy through the egg on top sunny side. Once the eggs were about ready, chopped some parsley and through on top. Then I had to make my electrolyte drink with Accelerate and I was ready to satisfy my hunger and put on a better smile on my face.
Sunday another 20 miler starting in Kits Pool, around Falls Creak to English bay and then head back to Kits pool and on to UBC and back to Kits pool. Great root, nice scenery, weather was great; company was the best, decent pace all the way. I was planning to take camera with me for run but the night before and in the morning it wasn’t promising so I decided not to but later on during the run I regretted my decision. As we were coming down Blanca, the breath taking view of the North Shore Mountains was absolutely stunning and priceless. I had to stop for a quick second and enjoy then on to a newly found stairs back to beach and run along Spanish Banks.
As usual if I am not stuck at home or out of town I join our NSA family half/full Marathon clinic energetic and fun run. The night before I managed to have Elli Greenwood to join us for the Sunday run. She is an awesome person and fantastic young lady.
Elli is one of the best Female 50K, 50 mile trail runner not to mention road Marathoner in the lower mainland.
She was the first Canadian female runner in the 2008 Vancouver Marathon. Her last win just a week ago at Dirty Duo 50K. Her next race Chuckanut 50K in Washington State.
Good Luck Elli! As soon as I found out she needed to run road I had to have her to join us since we were going to run in Vancouver. Also I had the privilege running for first time a training run with Pat Malavi another ultra runner from Richmond I had raced Stormy 50 miles and H2H 100K in 2008. Pat is training for Boston Marathon, so these guys surly made me to keep up a good pace in order to enjoy their company. My regular Sunday buddies, Simon, Nelson and Jenny week after week help me through the aches and pain and surely we feed off each other. Simon is an ex Tri world cup competitor; he definitely has one of the most efficient running forms I have seen live.
The epic moment of the Sunday run was the UBC hill, it is not a steep hill but gradual and Simon and I didn’t hold back so we maintained a very good pace.
2h 38 min later we completed 20 mile run not to mention multiple washroom breaks, 3 Aid stations that we stopped. This is what separate NSA from any other running clinic in the lower mainland if not our planet. PEOPLE CARE, It is definitely a family, fun and loving place to be. Both Elli and Pat were surprised with the multiple aid stations NSA had on the route. Once we finish our run Elli and Pat wanted to go for another 20 min run, I guess 20 miles doesn’t cut it any more :). I also wondered because of the aid stations :). We did our usual after run drills and I wanted to go in the ocean water.
Was this water ever cold, I only lasted about a minute. Once Ellie came back from her extra run we went to water again, this time I lasted only 2 min. But Elli was really enjoying her polar ice bath recovery, Job Well done Elli.
That ended my two 20 miles weekend run and I really enjoyed rest of the day relaxing and eating like never eaten before; poor Fridge!!

My Nutrition for the both days
Carbo-Pro powder mixed with 2 spoons of sugar and lime juice in 1.5 Liter camel back and 5 Termolyte pills. I tried to drink as frequent as possible with shorter intervals but sometimes I forgot to stick to it. Next training I should set my watch to beep to remind me to fuel more consistent.

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