Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week May 23 training

This week load is going to be a bit higher than last week as I have been thinking about doing the Vancouver 100 on June 4. so far the week has started nicely :)

Monday -17 miles- nice pace

Tuesday - 9 miles including 3.5 miles of speed work

Wednesday -16 miles mix road and trail. From home to Brothers Creak and back.

I really enjoyed the Wednesday evening run. Mother Nature didn't lit up, it poured all the way.
It was great seeing some of my friends haven't seen for while. Snow was deep 1/3 of the way. If I do Vancouver 100 next weekend is going to be hard and a lot of hiking. I had to watch the footing. I fell into snow 3 times within 100 yards.

Thursday -10 miles run- easy

My legs were a bit fatigue from the yesterday's run. Energy level was good so it carried me through the 10 miles. Pace was slower and at the end felt great.

Friday _off, speding time with family

Saturday _Volunteer work (Trail maintenance) with NSA in the morning. it was great, my daughter also came along. Afternoon coaching my daughter's soccer team

Sunday _Run with the Kneeknacker group. Thanks to Bill Dang and the PR runners we run from Cleaveland Dam to Cypress mountain and back. It was great to learn part of the course that I am planning to run next Saturday. Probably one of the toughest 100K runs ever :)
today's run probably about 13 miles , lots of hills and snow.

So far this week 65 miles, alright!

time to go ready to coach my daughter's team for their first Spring tournament.

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