Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fantastic trail run with Mountain Madness group Sat May 16

Fantastic trail run with Mountain Madness group Sat May 16.
I was looking forward to some strong trail running on the weekend and my wish came true.
Last night I was debating whether I should run today, I didn't have the 100% commitment or the motivation. But as my alarm went off at 7:00 AM I knew I was committed and ready to go. Had a banana, half cup of coffee and a bar, then prepared my drink mix of Carbo-Pro, accelerate and Water. I planned to leave the house at 8:00 and exactly I left the house at 7:59:53, folks that is an accomplishment for me, I never been able to do that before. Don’t get me wrong those who know me they know how punctual I am except I plan 15 min earlier to be on time but this one was exceptional. Yes!!!!!!.
Then I started slowly warming up and pick up the pace, something that I have been working on for sometime and I am on course to master it. I knew what was lying ahead for me. Up Lonsdale then prospect Rd, one steady climb, I managed to get to the top in about 22 min.
I will be doing this climb a lot in the next 4 months. Since I was there a bit earlier than everyone else I continued running back and fort on the trail that connects to PB and stretched a bit. Around 8:30 everyone gathered around for Peter’s route and race course description, I was amazed and very impressed with the number of people were there.
This simply tells you about Heather Macdonald and Peter Watson leadership and the fantastic training they put together.
This was my first trail run probably in a month, I thought the transition from the flat to hilly course was going to be harder but this one went very smooth thanks to my running buddies James, Stefan, Chris and Adam and a few others… Thank you!!
My goal was running most hills which I managed to do it and I was happy about that.
I wish I could keep up with James but man is he ever fast on the climbs. He is one of the few people I have seen they disappear in a matter of no time on the up hills. He is a true Mountain goat and to prove that is his beard.
After 1:43 min of run in the trail, we got to Deep Cove safe and sound. No rolled ankles, cuts or bruises. I wasn’t sure if I should go back the same way I came to deep cove but then someone mentioned Knee Knackers group are doing mountain Highway tomorrow then I knew I should stop and enjoy more climb tomorrow. A soak in the Deep Cove water ended the happy trail training: Woohoooooo I managed to have a good and strong run, nothing would beat that !

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