Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week of Feb 23rd Training Run

I made it to 60 miles run first time in 2009.
I am now on roll for 2 days long run on the weekends however since I am just starting I am cautious about the distances.
I started my week run on Monday 1 hour by running road and trail. One of my favorite spots now for short distance trail training is behind the Mohan Park; trail stretches little over a kilometer from bottom of Keith Road and ending at Carson Graham Sec/Confederation Park. It is an undulating and some steeper hills. There 3 trails branch off the little Forrest which is great you can easily switch off from easy to harder trails and vice-versa.
In the evening I went to Harry Jerome Rec-Centre for 1 hour of Stretch and core work with medicine ball. This session also gives me the opportunity to meet some of the folks that are training for the Ironman coached by the greatest and one of toughest girls I have known and phenomena athletes Tara Lee Marshall. She has been a great inspiration to me and she has definitely thought me the time management and how to use daily time for training regardless of what they throw your way.
Tuesday is my speed training and I love it, of all my runs I would regret the most when I can’t make it. There must be an absolute valid excuse for me to skip it. I love the energy and being around the group that I run with.
5 miles training run around the track including the warm down at the end. Oh and I shouldn’t forget I got the opportunity to joggle a soccer ball for short time, I miss play soccer.
Wednesday I took a day off from running for recovery and also some meetings that I had to attend.
Thursday had a great run lunch time, 8 miles at 7’ 10” average on my new Saucony shoes.
In the evening I ran 6.5 miles at 6’ 40” pace. As I was running toward the track, I spotted a blond long haired lady that had a very decent pace and consistent. As I was getting closer to the track I noticed she was Patricia Jensen. She is an awesome and well known trail runner on the NorthShore if not in Canada. She has won numerous tough ultra races in the lower mainland including Stormy in squamish.
I joined her for the first 2 miles and it was great feeling running along such an inspirational runner. Sadly Patricia had to leave earlier.
I had to finish the 4.5 miles on my own.
Friday ended up being another recovery day; it was one of those days. I was planning to run at least 6 miles and 30 min swim but none happened. I was kind of ticked about but sometimes I have to just accept the facts.
Saturday morning my first long run session on the weekend.
My first checkpoint Jaycee House this is where we suppose to meet for Saturday run. On the way there I discovered some trails that connect to Jaycee House, I was very happy about that. I should stay off the road more often, stick to trails, enjoy and connect to nature.
I met up with a friend of mine Kerry Ward at Jaycee House; I had the privilege to run quite a lot of long and fun training runs with him including H2H race in 2008. It is always pleasure running along with him, he is great pacer. We also joined couple of other runners Graham and Katie. Katie is going to race Dirty Duo 25K March 7 and Graham will be cheering her on. Her first race longer than 10K, she is very strong. I wish her well and best of luck in her race. At the end of the run I felt bad to hearing that Katie and Graham only wanted to do 1 hour run but they ended up running with us just over 2 hours. Knowing that Sunday I was going to run 12 miles at marathon pace on the road I decided not to run back home and Kerry was generous to give me a lift home.
Sunday morning part 2 of my long run, 12 miles at 6’ 30”. I completed 60 miles for the week. This was 10 miles longer than previous week and I was happy about it. I feel the pacing is right if I can continue for longer distance. Next week will be my longest training run in 2009. I will be running Dirty Duo 50K race at my training race. My goals is to build up distance and the pace to Elk Lake 100Km in early May.
So far so good, I just need to stay focus and strong :).

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